Innovation, research and dynamism are the essential elements of Renée Blanche brand that from 1970  moves through the universe of beauty giving life to advanced hair care products. Renée Blanche was born with the goal to aim exclusively to operators of professional sector, it started, with  the pass of  years , offering to more users its own experience joined tricological speciality of high level a range of products addressed to domestic use. Renée Blanche brand , presents  in different countries, boasts a wide range of 100 products distinct between professional use and none, different lines  adapts  to different uses and to different requests.

The secret of theRenée Blanche’s success is the scientific research ,to which the company dedicates continous and remarkable investment  to realize products at the top of security. A brand , Renée Blanche, sector leader, always ready to be on evolution and to market demand.





“If you want to survive, you need to serve a pur pose.You can’t just work day-in, day –out to make a living;you have to go a bit further and contribute to the wellbeing of wider society. Companies, just like people, have to give something back to society; if you apply this philosophy day-after-day,your company will eventually be identified with the high standards of quality driving its business.At Renée Blanche, we trust that the quality of our products and the way we handle our daily business with honesty, fairness and total transparency will shape the kind honesty, fairness and total transparency will shape the kind of dialogue we establish, enabling us to communicate with all principles that must  be upheld every day if we are to become better people, better businesses and better places to live”


With products that supplies the quality of an efficiency service and always respectful  of hair  structure. Back of any Renée Blanche production there is a choice of  innovative raw material  and balanced formulation. Each product  makes part of a complete method that allows to bring back hair and skin to their physiological balance after a technical treatment. Always careful to market , supported by a large research on uses that influenced consumer,Italian and international fashion clothes and make up. Thanks to this analisis, the  hairdresser has an instrument easy to use, an update quick and easy and fashion solution hair and reproducible on each client, but it keep all the time space for personalization.With services at 360° , that solves all hairdresser exigencies.Renée Blanche has  chosen to favour the personal relationship with its clients, applying flexibility principle in each section. Who commits  to Renée Blanche knows  that can trust on a partner that has the goal to share its own success with every  saloon.



Renée Blanche  devotes more than 100 specialties, with a particular expertise in:
- product for colouration
- product for colouration accessories  that perfection the result
- treatment of  perm ondulation and hygien
- Products for styling



Sociological analisis , specific studies and meetings with focus group selected are the basis of a constant work of research on market evolution.
To anticipate the demand of  final consumer and to give the hairdresser the instruments more advanced that maintain higher the livel of services offered in saloon. Renée Blanche treats image strategies of communication and project of fidelitation  through  support  to sell of big impact.



“Consulting made to measure for each saloon”, Renée Blanche proposes seminaries of high level, do it by expert of  sector , in reference to matters related to professional activities:management, communication and marketing. The technical-stilistic formation and the update are entrusted to the Renée Blanche teaching staff. To the interdisciplinary  group compete even the study of hair fashion collection that are presented at shows and international events. Between all events there is the most important one: Cosmoprof, the main international cosmetic  fair in which Renée Blanche play a role of protagonist.



Export represents for Renée Blanche the 70%  of strenghtened turnover and is the result  of a direct commercial net and the work of different exclusivist agents. Renée Blanche operates out of a 10.000 sq.m facility, and the 40 –strong staff in our head office works on creating and producing cosmetic hair products which are then commercialized nationally across a network of about 35 sales representatives coordinated by three area managers.Foreign sales account for 40% of our consolidated turnover and are generated by an in-house sales team and about 10 exclusive distributors.