Renée Blanche operated since many years in the sector, and that's why the company is careful to the several exigencies  of different kind of use.In the time has thought  to create different lines adapt to different uses. The field  of use change from domestic use to the GDO line called the " do byyourself" and the one called the one called professional , used by the professionals qualified of sector and collocated in the professional line. Since there , divesification from Renée Blanche line to the others dedicated to professionals ,following we indicate the categories.

Renée Blanche keeps in the years the own efficacy and its own functionality at the top of the colouring products category. With a brand and an imagine keeped  in the time, the colouring Renée Blanche are easy to apply and rich of high quality ingredients that exalts shape and beauty of your hair.The Renée Blanche colouring offer a wide range of naturals and persistent nuances ,that can bright or dark every kind of hair , resulting the best solution to each  one want a new total look.